Drawing contest

When the second competition for as many invitations to our Discord server as possible will end – fake invited accounts and bots will not be taken into account.

We will choose 5 winners from the top of the invitation leaderboard.

The prize for this will be customized NFT characters based on winner choice or winner’s look – that means that you can become an NFT.

That’s not all! The winners will also receive NFT from our first collection.

Winners will receive characters of the following rarity.
First place: Rare character
Second place: Uncommon character
Third place: Uncommon character
Fourth place: Common character
Fifth place: Common character


The winners selected for this contest cannot be the same as the ones from the previous contest, “Solana Contest”.

We will announce the winners on our Discord channel and Twitter, winners need to contact our team to receive their prize.

Closing day of this contest has been postponed due to a mint date change.

We had to update rules and prizes due to the development of our project.