Update from our journey

This was a crazy journey, with many sleepless nights, thousands of calls, emails, text messages. If you are here with us you have probably noticed that we had some changes from our original plan. We will try to sum up here all changes that occurred in the last few days. We were originally planning to have our Launchpad on Solanalysis, right before our presale Solana network began to be lagging, and crashing, it was impossible to mint anything or transfer funds. We had to make a decision to postpone our presale in order to have everything go as smoothly and safely as it should be. After these unfortunate events, we decided to change the launchpad provider to the biggest and most well-known site which is Magic Eden. They have reached out to us before so we wrote back to them and began our conversation. We then worked on an application to the MagicEden Launchpad, it is well known that Magic Eden is not allowing any NSFW content on their website, so we had to redraw our naked characters so they will have some sort of clothing on them. This comes along with changes in metadata which was time-consuming. As the Magic Eden’s graphic artist is very busy we had to postpone our mint date to the earliest date which is 7.12.2022. We are constantly talking with Magic Eden representatives and working on our Launchpad.


  • The Mint date changed to 7.02.2022.
  • NSFW content is not allowed on Magic Eden Launchpad and won’t be available for mint.
  • Presale cannot be 1 week before the public sale it has to be 120 minutes before.
  • Mint limit change as suggested in the launchpad application form.
  • Reopening White List due to mint date postponing.
  • Degen Coin Flip game is available now. You can play and earn SOL. Good luck!

What we had to do due to the changes

  • Creating clothing for naked characters.
  • Redrawing characters that were not allowed on ME.
  • Rewrite all content on the Website.
  • Rewrite all content on the Discord.
  • Changing dates on NFT drop calendars.
  • Make new banners for Social Media and marketing purposes.
  • Finding a solution on how to Airdrop Naked NFT’s to the holders after mint.
  • Reopening Whitelist, making new rules and ways to submit.