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They say you can't buy a family. Well, now you can! We have created these 6666 truly unique characters that consist of celebrities, politicians, actors, historical figures aliens and monkey. And now even you can be a naked Zuckerberg in a Metaverse. Our NFT will be not only stackable, tradeable, hodlable but also playable in a funny p2e RPG game! This is what the Solana NFT world needs – us – The Family SOL.

ThisThis is FamilySOL

FamilySol Baner 1
Apart from normal everyday common characters of Family SOL, you can find stars or historical figures, characters from fairy tales, famous icons, animals, and if you get lucky you may find legendary family monkeys or epic nudes. Our long trip starts now... We are going to bring utilities to our NFT project, lots of giveaways, and community contests. You will be able to keep pieces of art in our pool and they will be generating a special family pool NFT collection as a reward for holding them there, which means that our NFT tokens will be stakeable.

TheThe Family SOL NFTNFT isis aa collection ofof severalseveral hundredhundred uniqueunique collectiblecollectible characters.characters.


CEO & Project Director


CEO & Art Director


CEO & Sales Director


Web developer


Community manager

DEV & Moonshot Launchpad

We are aiming to create a virtual gallery where you can see the whole collection, this will be the first stage of our metaverse, which in further seasons will be turned into a full playable RPG, P2E game in which you can play characters from our collection. In addition, we plan on creating our own merch with many exciting plans in the coming future.



  • ✅ Website launch

  • ✅ Social media launch

  • ✅ Listings on websites with the upcoming project

  • ✅ Family List submission

  • ✅ Solanalysis Launchpad

  • ✅ Opening Public Wallet

Q1 2022

  • - FamilySOL Community Contests with HUGE prizes!

  • - Presale of drop 1 for Family List 23.01.2022

  • - Public launch of drop 1 30.01.2022

  • - Multiple Listings on Secondary Market

  • - 15% from secondary market royalties goes to public game developing wallet

  • - Holders verification

  • - Contests, and giveaways for holders only

  • - DAO community voting for and decision on project future development

Q2 2022

  • - Free Airdrop for Holders

  • - VIP Ticket to IRL Event exclusive for FamilySOL Members

  • - Virtual NFT Art Gallery App Launch

  • - Special Voting more TBA

  • - Season 2 to be announced

Q3 2022

  • - Staking Pool & Coin Launch

  • -P2E Game development progression

  • - 3D Prints - Merch

  • - DAO P2E GAME developing starting!

  • - And more!


❓When is the drop❓

Presale for Family List members will be on 23.01.2022

Public sale will be on 30.01.2022.

❓What is the total supply❓

6666 characters divided into the following rarity:

6 Legendary

60 Epic

600 Rare

1000 Uncommon

5000 Common

The rarity charts will be announced soon after marketplace listings.

❓What is the mint cost❓

Mint cost for presale and public sale is 1 SOL.

❓What is the Presale❓

Presale is dedicated for Family List members, our presale is on 23.01.2022, 7 days before public mint. Family List members will be able to mint up to 10 characters.

❓What is Family List❓

It’s basically our Whitelist. Members of our Family List are our early adopters who helped build the community. If you want to be a part of our Family List check our Discord!

Presale is dedicated for Family List members, our presale is on 23.01.2022, 7 days before public mint. Family List members will be able to mint up to 10 characters.

❓Can I still get on Family List/Whitelist❓

Our Familylist is currently closed, however, on random and special occasions we will be organising giveaways, contests and game competitions on our Discord and Twitter and with Familylist spot as a prize.

❓Royalties or fees❓

We will take 10% royalties from the secondary sales. 20% of our royalties will be transferred to our public community wallet.

❓What about Copyrights❓

Our project is inspired by a Family Guy/American Dad cartoon style in less than 70% of similarity and in our collection you will find plenty of famous people. You may wonder if it's legal - from the legal standpoint, in our project there are no characters from the cartoon itself, regarding celebrities, you can sell a fine art, a painting, of a celebrity as long as it is transformative work of art. This means it needs to be artistic in nature, not just a faithful likeness. The painting cannot copy an existing work of art (including a photo) and cannot interfere with a celebrity's “right of publicity”.

❓Where will the mint be❓

Our mint will be on Solanalysis Launchpad. We want our mint to be safe and Solanalysis Launchpad powered by Candy Machine v2 is the perfect tool for that. Link to our official launchpad will be in 🔗︱official-links.

❓Where to Buy Family SOL NFT❓

You can buy our project on secondary markets, for now we are verified on Digital Eyes. We are in the process of making partnerships with main Solana NFT marketplaces like SolSea, Solanaart, AlphaArt.

❓Is it possible that WL will buy the whole supply❓

We are going to close WL so there will be plenty left to mint on public sale. Family List members have a "10 per wallet" limit. People worked hard to get to WL and we will keep our promise.

❓What are the benefits for Family NFT holders❓

In close future plans, we have a free NFT airdrop for holders, holder-only giveaways, and others.  In the futture P2E Game . After the mint we will begin a staking pool and work on our own token $FamilySOL Coin.

❓Is the team real❓

We want to be transparent with you guys, and you can easily find us on Linked in or other social medias.


Project developers:

CEO, Project Director: Witold Smolicz -

CEO, Art Director: Joanna Mnich -

CEO, Sales Director: Piotrek Kasprowicz -

Smartcontract Developer: Solanalysis -

Game Developer: TBA

Graphics: NDA

❓What after a drop of the collection❓

First Listing on secondary markets. Revealing the rarity chart. Our goal is to create P2E Game. After the mint, we will begin a staking pool and work on our own token $FamilySOL Coin. In close future plans, we have a free NFT airdrop for holders, holder only giveaways, and other. Donations for charity for homeless people, exclusive merch – regular contests and giveaways, exclusive community building.